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Buffet Enhancements

For added "punch", decorate your buffet with one of the following buffet packages!

Old West BBQ Buffet
"Real" Cowhides, Bales of Hay, Red Bandanas, Lanterns, Tins, Crates,
Rope Lassos, Silk Wildflower Arrangements.
Island Breezes Buffet
Tropical Breeze Overlays, Palm Leaves, Whole Coconuts & Pineapples,
Sea Shells, Island Tropic Silk Flowers, Grass Skirts, Leis. Fish Nets.
Parrothead/Beach Theme Buffet
Beach Theme Overlays, Grass Mats, Tiki Lights, Tiki Masks,
Bird Cage, Parrot, Leis, Tropical Flowers, Sea Shells, Raffia Skirts,
Fish Nets, Beachballs, Beachcomber Hat, Sunglasses.