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Perfect for Picnics
 Perfect for Picnics

Corporate, Weddings, Parties, Picnics, Reunions, Holiday, Full Service Catering 

This is our Bulk Menu and is discounted approx. 10% off current prices.

Please call for current prices.

Spicy Southern-Style Pulled Pork, South Texas Beef Brisket , ˝ & ˝
Meat is oven ready or can be picked up cold for heating in your own oven. Smothered with your choice of one of our 4 Homemade Sauces. Makes approximately 30-35 (4 oz.) sandwiches. Buns not included.

Sliced Smoky Hot Polish Sausage

Smothered with your choice of one of our 4 Homemade Sauces. 10 Sausages (Approximately 5 lbs.)

Hickory Smoked Chicken Halves
Sixteen herb rubbed smoked chicken halves, approx. One & one half lb. each.

Herb & Spice Rubbed Chicken Pieces
Sixty Four assorted pieces of Smoked Chicken Pieces. Thigh, Breast, Drumstick & Wing.

Cabin Creek Smoked Chicken Wings for a Party!
Approximately 100 pieces of hickory smoked chicken wings per pan, plus a pint of our Pesky Devil Wing Sauce.

Memphis “Dry” St. Louis-Cut Pork Spareribs

Four Hickory Smoked Racks, Twelve ribs per rack. Plus a pint of one of our 4 homemade sauces.

Sides Available

Lynchburg Baked Beans (Molasses, Maple, Mustard, Pepper & Bacon), Cowboy Beans (Chili Beans meatless),
Redskin Mashed Potatoes, Big River Slaw, Old-Time Potato Salad, Smoked Mac & Cheese

Misc. Sandwich Buns, Slider Buns, Bakery style Kaiser Rolls
Additional Sauce (Old-Tyme,  Butt-Kickin’, Soo-eee, Colorado Black Jack)
Serving Utensils, Chinet Plates, Cutlery Kits (napkin, fork, knife, salt, pepper)
Disposable Chafing Rack w/ Sternos & Water Pan
Note: At least one-week notice please!  Call for details 303-838-0375